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欧美三级-Guide to Commercial diving and Professional diving

Do you want to work as a professional diver or commercial diver?
Other commercial divers tell their stories here!

How I got into Commercial Diving

日本一本免费一二区-How I got into Commercial Diving

          It was September 1993 and together with my girlfriend I arrived at Villamendhoo Island in the Maldives. I was excitedly looking forward to some Big game fishing, but my mood quickly changed when upon checking in at reception there was a notice saying Big game fishing...

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          How I became a Commercial Diver

          欧美BBwHD-How I became a Commercial Diver

                  Here is my experience of commercial dive schools. Having decided to embark on a career as a commercial diver my next move was to choose a school to become a commercial diver. You can also read how I came to the point of becoming a commercial diver. Pre-course...

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