Diving in the Philippines with anemones
Wall diving in the Philippines

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欧美三级-There are so many diving destinations to choose from worldwide, but plunging into the wonderful waters of the Philippines is a place you can’t pass up.

  • The Philippines boasts hundreds of diving spots lying along its sea beds.

    欧美BBwHD-The Republic of the Philippines

  • The Republic of the Philippines can be found in the western Pacific Ocean with Taiwan to the north, Vietnam to the west, and Indonesia to the south.

    The Philippines is often visited for its fabulous diving spots and destinations and is known as the country with one of the longest coastlines in the world, ranking 5th overall.

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    There are more than 7,107 islands making up the Philippines and has become a number one choice by both foreign and local divers in search of beautiful natural marine resources like picturesque coral architectures, colorful schools of fish, just to name a few.

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    伊人影院蕉久影院在线99-Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

    Known for its thousands of colorful marine species, the famous Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park has been named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    There are many amazing and untouched islands that provide the greatest places for divers in search of an unforgettable diving adventure.

    The following are some of dive spots in the Philippines you definitely want to put on your list:

    日本一本免费一二区-Cebu: The Queen City of the South

    Cebu is a center for trade, commerce and tourism. However, the Cebuano communities still brag about their well known diving spots left somewhat untouched by pollution and potential dangers of industrial progress despite the fact of being a highly industrialized region in the Visayas.

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    Some of the primary and most popular dive spots in Cebu include Malapascua, which is located on Cebu’s northern coast, being known for its species of rays and sightings of thresher sharks.

    Another dive site to go diving in the Philippines, highly preferred by beginner divers who want to try night diving is Dakit-Dakit. This spot has incredibly diverse collection of marine animal and plant life, which satisfies your quest for the ultimate diving experience.

    Diving in the Philippines with sea snails

    日本一本免费一二区-The 'Warty/Little Egg Cowry' sea snail thrives in Malapascua- Credit: Andan

    欧美三级-Bohol: The Island Paradise

    Local divers and foreign divers have been coming to Bohol to visit year after year because of its magnificent places to scuba dive. Some of these dive spots include the Balicasag Black Forest and Balicasag Diver’s Heaven.

    • Balicasag Black Forest - named for its thick corners of unusual black corals along with colorful fish that include barracuda and butterfly fish.
    • Balicasag Diver’s Heaven – often visited because of its amazing and colorful coral gardens, crystal clear blue waters, and picturesque spots for avid photographers.
    Diving in the Philippines with whale shark

    伊人影院蕉久影院在线99-A whale shark up close in Donsol Philippines - Credit: Kjersti Joergensen

  • 一本道高清幕免费视烦-Boracay: The Beach Capital of the Philippines

    Boracay possesses thousands of marine species that makes up a rich community of underwater life and breathtaking and peaceful white sandy beaches. There are a wide variety of accommodation options for divers that range from modest beach huts up to five-star hotels.

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    The location of Crocodile Island is regarded as one of the premier diving sites. Having a throng of aquatic species and numerous coral reefs, this makes it a preferred spot for divers to visit.

    Greeting your eyes as you swim through the canyons and crevices of the Laurel Island are vibrant species of fish that include Sergeant Majors and Emperor Fish. This makes for a truly amazing Boracay experience while diving in the Philippines.

    Diving in the Philippines Boracay Island

    欧美三级-Divers getting ready on a banca along the shores of Boracay beach - Credit: Public Domain

    欧美BBwHD-Puerto Galera: The Pearl of Mindoro

    Experience Sabang Point, located in Puerto Galera, Mindoro where you can dive around the clock. Sabang Point is a great place for night diving, which is conveniently situated and easily accessed. It is especially spectacular during full moon.

    Both beginner and expert divers will appreciate batfish and surgeonfish schools, which cover the ridges and walls of this dive site.

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    The Boulders, a network of underwater tunnels and caves that are sanctuaries to large Pelagics, which consists of majestic rays and sharks, is another pride of Puerto Galera.

    The Philippines, known as Asia’s refuge of underwater wonders, is surely the Pearl of the Orient Seas with all of its picturesque beauty.

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